Thursday, September 9, 2010

Answers for Chapter 1

#1.)  What is meant by the idea that teaching is a goal-oriented activity is that teachers need to follow curriculum to meet national, state, and local standards.  These standards have been developed, revised, and used extensively by districts all over the country.  These standards describe the skills, abilities, and dispositions students will need to lead a physically active lifestyle.  Each of the standards is broken down by grade level so teachers can identify what students at each age should know and be able to do.  As Physical Educators, we need to set goals for what our students need to learn.  In setting these goals, we need to find ways in order for the students to comprehend and be able to learn these certain skills and meet the standards.  By doing so, as these students grow, their skills can be improved in order to live a healthy, physical lifestyle.

#4.)  It is very important for teachers to choose a process to teach content.  Once the educator has chosen goals for his students, they translate the goals into objectives for instruction.  Then the educator must choose processes that will reach a specific objective.  These processes need to be chosen intentionally in order to reach the goals.  Physical educators assume that learners engaged in a creative experience, then creative learning will occur.  Learners in team sports will develop sportsmanship and self-discipline.  "What is not taught, often is not learned."  Fair play, problem solving, and positive social interaction are just a few specific goals to be met, but they require specific conditions and processes.  Physical educators must engage students to be involved because it can be a better way for them to learn.

#5.)  The movement task-student response unit of analysis is so important in physical education.  The movement task is at the heart of the instructional process in physical education.  The tasks are motor activities assigned to the student(s) that are related to the content of the lesson.  The learning activities are directly or indirectly defined by the teacher.  As the students go on with the lesson, the teacher should be able to recognize the student's response to the activity and where they stand based on their performance of the task.  With the student response to the task, when the teacher gives the students a signal to begin working on a task, the teacher now must observe and provide feedback on their performance.  This way, the teacher is able to recognize whether or not certain goals are able to be achieved by students in order to meet their standards.  

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