Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lab B2

I was talking with a couple of my friends today, whom of which are also Physical Education majors that have not yet taken EDU 255.  I was telling them about how we had to teach a skill on the very first day of class.  I was also telling them about how much practice I have gotten, and how much I have improved in teaching.  Honestly, I had never played Ultimate Frisbee until I took this class, and I already feel comfortable teaching some of the certain tasks.  As you will see in my video, I have progressed extremely well since the beginning.  I have more confidence in my voice, and I am comfortable setting up groups and leading a class.

We have been video recorded since Day 1, but this is the first time we were recorded by MP3.  It was definitely different, but interesting to go back and reflect on the exact things I said.  Some things I feel I may need improvement on are giving more demonstration to the class.  I did only perform the task once for the class.  I did improve from the last time by walking around and giving more feedback to students, as well as groups in general.  I used football as a hook, and related receivers making cuts to get open in football to Ultimate Frisbee.  When the class was saying "Hut!" and discretely making plays, it didn't only make it fun for them, but fun for me as well.  It made me realize how important the hook can be by keeping the class interested in what you are teaching.  As the semester dwindles down, I look forward to getting even better at teaching and becoming that Rockstar.

Take a look at my Transcript, Feedback Analysis, and Time Coding sheet
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