Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Going International With Lab C

Switzerland is not only known for the Alps and cheese, but also Tchoukball.  EDU 255 found that out as we took a trip to Switzerland for Lab C.  It is honestly great to see how far we have all come since Day 1 with our teaching skills.  Now that we are up to Lab C, the work load has definitely gotten a little heavier, but is an amazing learning experience in becoming a better teacher.  This is the first time we have had to put together a full lesson plan with task progressions in any of our Labs. It is also the longest time we have had to teach, but it goes by so fast.  Before viewing my video, you can take a look at my Lesson Plan and Task Progression Sheet

I was not very nervous at all before teaching this lesson as you can tell from my video.  I was comfortable in front of everyone; however, I do wish there was more I had said.  I knew exactly what I wanted to teach and implemented it very well I thought.  Jenna filled out my C9 form and told me afterwards that I did a good job.  DJ could tell I had "Team Leadership Skills" and had a "Gym Voice" and also told me I did good work.  One thing I think I could have improved on was giving more specific feedback instead of just general as you can tell from my Feedback Analysis.  You can also take a look at my Content Development here.  I think one important thing about the lesson was the full game play.  It gave everyone a chance to be running around and actually get the feel of Tchoukball.  Take a look at my Time Coding  and notice the Activity Time.  I am looking forward to Lab D and improving more of my teaching skills.

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