Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pump Up The Jam with EDU 255

I am going to be honest with this one.  When I was told I would be teaching a 20 minute lesson for a Hip-Hop unit, I had no idea what I was going to do.  I was trying to come up with ideas and nothing was coming to me.  I just kept thinking to myself: "I don't dance or listen to a lot of Hip Hop."  When trying to prepare for this lesson, I tested out "Just Dance" for the Nintendo Wii and came across "Pump Up the Jam."  This is close to Hip Hop style dancing...Let's try it out.  Once I knew the song, I started coming up with ideas of how I would teach: "Let's break up each move, break up the tasks, put it all together. Oh yeah, and we can have each person partner up and mirror each other."  That is how the game works anyways, right?  Now things are starting to come together, but wait...I actually have to learn the dance in order to teach it. I had to spend a little time in the lab with the Wii learning how to hook it up, start the game, and practice the dance.  When I wasn't in the lab, I cannot count many times I watched the dance on YouTube and was hoping no one walked in my room as I was dancing.  The night before class, after I had my lesson plan already done, I got an idea for an Instant Activity.  I wanted to stay away from the cliche warm ups (stretches, push ups, sit ups). I was watching one of my favorite movies, Animal House, and got the idea to do SHOUT.  After all, we were going to be dancing.  Also, I wanted to show off my lip syncing abilities.
When it was the day of my lesson, I went down a little early to make sure I would have everything set up properly by the time class started.  Right before it was start time, Dr. Yang came up to me and said, "Ryan, you are teaching for 40 minutes today. Can you do it?" I took a look up at the clock and thought to myself.  I knew I had enough material, and I had to go all out on this one.

At first, everyone seemed to be a little hesitant about dancing but eventually got into it. I wanted to show my class my sense of humor because I love making people laugh. Maybe that's why I did a little bit of lip syncing.  I wanted this to be fun for them. I wanted to show them the dance by myself and give them the dance moves so they would get an idea of the moves they would be practicing next.  After breaking down all the moves for them to practice, it was time to use the Wii with the controllers. NOW WE'RE MOVING! However, I was only forgetting one Hip Hop paraphernalia. Looking at my pictures and watching my videos a few times, I enjoy looking at everyone smiling and listening to everyone laugh. That is exactly what I wanted out of my lesson, and that is exactly what I want to do as a teacher in the future. I love how some were still talking about it the next class.  I want students to enjoy themselves with every lesson. If there was one thing I could change, it would be the amount of time I spent with management. Rotating the controllers took some time, as well as setting up the game and getting it started. However, I do feel, in a way that it was helpful because students are now able to feel comfortable setting up the game.

Going from being completely nervous about teaching something I had no clue about, preparing it, and actually teaching it the way I did, it was an awesome experience.  It was the most fun I have had all semester, and now I am glad I was able to teach this lesson.  So, never be scared or shocked about what you may have to teach in the future. Just prepare yourself and make the best of it. Let your personality come out and go all out.  If you have to wear a plastic gold chain and a pair of $1 sunglasses and dance like Carlton to keep your students having fun, then don't hold back.

I hope you take a look at my videos, and enjoy them as much as I did.

I have also uploaded some documents including my Task ProgressionsFeedback Analysis, Content Development, Time Coding, Assessment, and my Lesson Plan.

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