Friday, December 17, 2010

Final Part 2

I impressions of using Traineo were not really what I had expected.  I was only able to use this with the basic style; recording activites and weight.  In order to record the amount of food I had eaten to keep track of calories, I would have had to pay $10.  This may be something teachers should stay away from having their students use because you will not want your kids to have to pay money for this.  Currently, I began using another form of an online exercise and nutrition tracker called Daily Burn.  I definitely like Daily Burn a lot better than Traineo because it was a lot easier to navigate.  Also, you are able to keep track of weight, nutrition, activity, and sleep all for free.  This makes it more accessible for students and teachers to use.  I liked that when you put in your different work out, it has different pictures and videos for you to watch as well.  This can help you in deciding what other workouts you would like to perform, or improvement on your current workout plan.   One good feature I did like about Traineo was that you could set a goal for a certain date, and this would track how well you were doing and how much more you had to go.  
You could definitely use Traineo to accomplish our Recommended Regent’s Level for NYS Learning Standard #1B because it will help them in forming their personal fitness plan.  Students would be able to set up a goal by a certain date.  They could keep track of their performance on this website and use the activities to put into their fitness plan.  Using this site, they would be able to keep track of what activities were more beneficial to them and use those in their fitness plan.  Also, with activities they may need improvement on, they could use in a fitness plan to make other goals for themselves.  Maybe they want to start running a mile for cardio, but they are running at a 10 minute-mile pace.  They could keep track of cardio workouts and work their way up to a 7 minute-mile pace.  

If I had to choose of these websites to use, I would definitely use Daily Burn over Traineo.  It is a lot easier to navigate to make recordings and find trackings.  Also, because it is free to keep track of these recordings, it makes it that much more attracting.  Daily Burn also has a new iPhone Application where you are able to log in your meals almost immediately.  This makes it easy to keep track of exactly what you are eating and when.  With Daily Burn graphs, you can see relationships between a lot of different components such as Body Weight with Daily Calories, Body Weight with Distance Run, etc.  This is also very quick and easy to navigate through in order to see.  One cool feature that Traineo has is that you can record time playing the Wii.  In Lab D, I thought a Hip Hop Dance lesson using Just Dance from the Wii.  This could allow students to record their time using the Wii as an activity instead of just the basic workouts.  

This is the graph that shows a relationship between my body weight and daily calories rather than just a chart with activity or a chart with just weight like with Traineo.  

Because it is not free to record food intake and calories with Traineo, it is better to use Daily Burn.  The snapshot above shows a recording of food intake and water intake.  The pie chart shows the percentages of protein, fat, and carbs.  

When keeping tracks of your workouts, I also found it better to use daily burn because you are able to record the number of sets and reps performed in each workout.  Also, with each workout, you can watch a video of the workout being performed to get more clarity of the workout for improvement.   

Here is a lesson plan and block plan to use in teaching students how to use the Daily Burn with fitness results.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My impressions of Daily Burn were not what I expected.  This is a great site to use in order to keep track of daily calories, workouts, and sleep.  I did enjoy using Daily Burn.  Not only does it keep track of your results and progress, but it also allows you to set goals to lose weight, gain weight, get stronger, or become more athletic.  I am not currently using an online exercise or nutrition tracker, however I did have to at my last school for a final project.  I took a Nutrition class and we only had to keep track of our food intake, not our workouts.  This program showed graphs, charts, and tables of the amount of different vitamins we were getting, and how much of each were in the types of food we were eating.  It was interesting to see if we were eating too much of one food  or too little.  I like Daily Burn better because it can show the relationship between calories taken in and burned, body weight with calories, etc. I will consider continuing to use Daily Burn because I would like to maintain my weight, but still get stronger, and I believe this can help me keep track.
This could be a great website to accomplish out Recommended Regent’s Level for NYS Learning Standard #1B.  This could help students in creating their own personal fitness plan.  Students could set a goal for an entire semester starting at the beginning and keep track of their activities daily.  Also, it would be great if the students also kept track of their caloric intake in order to see if they are possibly losing weight.  Some things they could do is break down their workouts weekly.  Maybe one week they could keep track of their cardio, then a week of weight training, and then a week of sports.  This way, when they are forming their personal fitness plan, they can set goals for each component; a mile run for cardio or a one rep max for weight training.  

An electronic tool that is seen as being useful for capturing data and reporting for the Recommended Regent’s Level for NYS Learning Standard #1A is Picasa.  Being able to take screen shots of tracking and results will be very useful.  This way, students will be able to keep a number of these pictures of their results day by day.  Students will be able to go back any certain time and see how far their results have come.  Because there is a large number of activities to partake in, students will be able to use this in order to reach proficiency in 6 activities, be competent in 3, across 3 different categories.  The results will be able to show how they record to strengths and weaknesses in those categories.  

Intramural Team Captain

Playing sports all through High School is something that is hard to give up.  I played football, basketball, and baseball; all of which I was a team captain.  These past 2 years at Cortland have kept my competitive streak alive in allowing me to participate in Intramural Sports.  This Fall, I was the team captain for my Flag Football team, "Mel Kiper's Best Available," using the name from the title of College Football Analyst, Mel Kiper.  He names his "Best Available" when making his often inaccurate draft order selections.  Being the team captain, I took responsibility in attending meetings, informing my team of scheduled games, and being available for cancellations and rescheduling of games.  I was also the spokesperson on the field if there was ever a problem.  I was the one in charge of keeping my team under control.  I see myself as a leader in life and in sports.  Being a PE teacher takes a lot of leadership skills in keeping your kids under control and being the person to come to for advice or ideas.  I look forward to continuing to being the captain in the future Intramural Sports programs and being a leader in my career.

Final Part 1

Part 1B
1.)  This website is from Toronto ON, Canada.  There are two schools mentioned in the video.  One is located in South Saskatoon, Canada.  The other school is located in Naperville, USA which is near Chicago.
2.)  I found this video to be very interesting.  From the book, Spark that the teacher read in order to come up with some answers about the relationship between exercising and the brain, I learned about Neurogenesis and the growing of new brain cells.  Exercising is the best way of producing these new brain cells.  Exercise also helps with behavior which could play a huge role for a student with ADHD because exercise allows these students to be more attentive and focused in the classroom.  I found Naperville High’s program to be extremely interesting.  The program in which every student participates in vigorous aerobic activity every day for 45 minutes.  They also incorporate exercise into the classroom for an interactive lesson.  Naperville is one of the top academic schools.  When they entered an international competition for Math and Science, they came out on top when usually Americans usually do not finish in the Top 10.  Naperville also has one of the lowest obesity rates.  I have never really seen anything like this.  This was the first time I watched the video and saw the students from Saskatoon concentrating and working hard on their second part of math after their 20 minutes of exercise.  I knew exercise had an affect on the brain, but I did not know to what extent.  When exercising, you turn on the front part of the brain which may be a little “sleepy.”  This is involved in controlling impulses.  This helps control students with their behavior. 
3.)  I believe the reason for not hearing about because the PE program seems to be the typical, old school way of teaching high school PE.  “Here’s the ball, go play.”  Many of the students in PE class seemed to be just sitting around and not participating in any of the game.  Bringing the exercise into the classroom resulted in a very positive outcome for the students’ academic performance.  If the PE teachers motivated their students just as much to partake in exercise, academic performance could even improve that much more.  As a PE teacher, I will ensure that my program will be beneficial to students and faculty of my school.  As a teacher, I want to make a difference in children’s lives, and to keep them motivated in working the body and the mind.  
4.)  There were obvious increases in outcomes of this program.  The student that they showed at the beginning of the video was unable to read or write.  He said he would be out in public and would not know what the street signs read.  At the end of this program, his comprehensive level increased by 400%.  This student also had talked about changing his life around, and not being one the people out on the streets doing drugs.  On average the students’ academic level increased up 1 Grade Level.  This is why I believe PE is such an important class in schools all over the country and the world.  Students need to get their exercise in order to improve in the classroom.  If students have PE or exercise in the beginning of the day, they will be more focused, attentive, and concentrated in the classroom for the rest of the day.  Students will be excited to wake up in the morning and exercise at the beginning of the day.  It is important for the teacher to make it exciting and motivating for more kids to come to school on a daily basis.  These outcomes are similar to our NYS PE Standards.  For Standard 1A and 1B students will be able to perform basic movement skills and be competent in these movement skills. They will also be able to come up with a personal fitness plan based on their own results and continue with their progress as long as they stay motivated.  For Standard 2, putting the treadmills and the bikes inside the classroom provided for a safe and healthy environment. Students are able to demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior while engaged in physical activity.  Standard 3 was met because students were able to manage these machines and become aware of what is available to them within their community and engage in the physical activity.
5.)  BDNF is a nerve growth factor in the brain.  It acts as a fertilizer on parts of the brain.  It helps preserve nerve cells, makes them stronger and helps deal with stress.  In order to increase BDNF, you must sustain aerobic movement and getting the heart rate up to 65-75% maximum and keep it there for atleast 20 minutes.  The book that is mentioned in the video is called, “Sparks” by John Ratey.  Another is called “The Kinesthetic Classroom” by Traci Lengel and Mike Kuczala. 
Part 1C
There is a number of skills listed in the B-9 form in which students should be able to be “recreationally competent in 6 activities and ‘proficient in 3’ in 3 different activity categories” (6+3/3).  These categories include Team Passing Activities, Net/Wall Activities, Target Activities, Striking Fielding Activities, Aquatics, Dance & Aesthetic, Outdoor, Personal Performance, and Fitness Activities.  As PE teacher candidates, it is our duty to come up with ways in order to teach kids these methods so that they are motivated to participate in these activities.  I believe the recommended regents level for NYS Learning Standard 1A should be atleast 90% of the Senior class should be competent in 6 activities and proficient in 3 across 3 different categories.  As a high school senior, you should most likely be able to perform that amount of skills, especially from the number of different activities given.  There may be a small group of students that are unable to perform such skills due to lack of resources, time, or biological makeup (Individual, task, environment).  
I feel that it should be the recommended regents level of 100% of the Senior class for NYS LS 1B, reaching competency in the Personal Fitness Plan.  Even if the students are unable to reach proficiency in certain skills, they still have made an attempt to learn them and possibly are better in some skills than others.  Because of this, students should still be able to form a fitness plan based on their skills and results of their skills.  They can set goals for their plan and work to increase skill ability.  In doing so, students will be able to improve on their health related fitness elements (cardiorespiratory, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and body composition). 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Ultramarathon Man

If you found Dr. Yang's blog post about "The Fittest Man on the Planet" interesting, you might want to take a look at another athlete.  Dean Karnazes is an Ultra-marathon runner and has run in ridiculous conditions.  He has completed 50 marathons, in 50 days, in all 50 states, ending with the New York City Marathon.  He once ran 200 miles non-stop, and that's not all. If you take a look at his website you can read a lot more information about him and his achievements.  Ultra-marathon man

 This guy has run in temperatures that were so high, his shoes began to melt and his sandwich bread began to toast, and completed a marathon on the North Pole.  When I read his book (which is pictured here), it gave me a completely different outlook on life and exercising. It made me realize that life is too short to just be sitting around and we need to get out there is test our limits.  As a Physical Education teacher, I would like share the knowledge of exercising and movement to kids, and influence them to do extraordinary things.

 I am not a huge fan of running, but I love to hike. Living near Lake George, NY, I have easy access to the Adirondack Mountains and have hiked a few of the Peaks including Mount Marcy, the highest in NYS.  If there is one thing I could do to test the limits of my human body, I would one day like to hike the Appalachian Trail.  I would like to face a challenge to that extent, and cannot even imagine the sights I would come across and the people I would meet.  I encourage all to read about Dean Karnazes--I promise you will have a different outlook on life.  Also, think about something you would like to do to as a Physical Challenge. Maybe you want to run a marathon, or even compete in a triathlon.  There are no limits.

NYS AHPERD Conference

This year was the first time I had to chance to attend the NYS AHPERD Conference at Turning Stone Resort and Convention Center.  I must say that it was an amazing experience.  I attended a few workshops solely based on Instant Activities, and learned a lot.  Instead of the normal stretching and running to get the blood pumping, we learned a variety of tag games, as well as other interesting warm ups. Being around the Cortland Alumni, teachers from all over the state, and other professionals, it reminded me why I want to be a Physical Education teacher.  We are still trying to prove our importance in schools, and if anyone attends this conference, they would be able to understand what we are all about. I hope to attend this conference every year and maybe even the National Conference.