Friday, December 17, 2010

Final Part 2

I impressions of using Traineo were not really what I had expected.  I was only able to use this with the basic style; recording activites and weight.  In order to record the amount of food I had eaten to keep track of calories, I would have had to pay $10.  This may be something teachers should stay away from having their students use because you will not want your kids to have to pay money for this.  Currently, I began using another form of an online exercise and nutrition tracker called Daily Burn.  I definitely like Daily Burn a lot better than Traineo because it was a lot easier to navigate.  Also, you are able to keep track of weight, nutrition, activity, and sleep all for free.  This makes it more accessible for students and teachers to use.  I liked that when you put in your different work out, it has different pictures and videos for you to watch as well.  This can help you in deciding what other workouts you would like to perform, or improvement on your current workout plan.   One good feature I did like about Traineo was that you could set a goal for a certain date, and this would track how well you were doing and how much more you had to go.  
You could definitely use Traineo to accomplish our Recommended Regent’s Level for NYS Learning Standard #1B because it will help them in forming their personal fitness plan.  Students would be able to set up a goal by a certain date.  They could keep track of their performance on this website and use the activities to put into their fitness plan.  Using this site, they would be able to keep track of what activities were more beneficial to them and use those in their fitness plan.  Also, with activities they may need improvement on, they could use in a fitness plan to make other goals for themselves.  Maybe they want to start running a mile for cardio, but they are running at a 10 minute-mile pace.  They could keep track of cardio workouts and work their way up to a 7 minute-mile pace.  

If I had to choose of these websites to use, I would definitely use Daily Burn over Traineo.  It is a lot easier to navigate to make recordings and find trackings.  Also, because it is free to keep track of these recordings, it makes it that much more attracting.  Daily Burn also has a new iPhone Application where you are able to log in your meals almost immediately.  This makes it easy to keep track of exactly what you are eating and when.  With Daily Burn graphs, you can see relationships between a lot of different components such as Body Weight with Daily Calories, Body Weight with Distance Run, etc.  This is also very quick and easy to navigate through in order to see.  One cool feature that Traineo has is that you can record time playing the Wii.  In Lab D, I thought a Hip Hop Dance lesson using Just Dance from the Wii.  This could allow students to record their time using the Wii as an activity instead of just the basic workouts.  

This is the graph that shows a relationship between my body weight and daily calories rather than just a chart with activity or a chart with just weight like with Traineo.  

Because it is not free to record food intake and calories with Traineo, it is better to use Daily Burn.  The snapshot above shows a recording of food intake and water intake.  The pie chart shows the percentages of protein, fat, and carbs.  

When keeping tracks of your workouts, I also found it better to use daily burn because you are able to record the number of sets and reps performed in each workout.  Also, with each workout, you can watch a video of the workout being performed to get more clarity of the workout for improvement.   

Here is a lesson plan and block plan to use in teaching students how to use the Daily Burn with fitness results.

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