Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My impressions of Daily Burn were not what I expected.  This is a great site to use in order to keep track of daily calories, workouts, and sleep.  I did enjoy using Daily Burn.  Not only does it keep track of your results and progress, but it also allows you to set goals to lose weight, gain weight, get stronger, or become more athletic.  I am not currently using an online exercise or nutrition tracker, however I did have to at my last school for a final project.  I took a Nutrition class and we only had to keep track of our food intake, not our workouts.  This program showed graphs, charts, and tables of the amount of different vitamins we were getting, and how much of each were in the types of food we were eating.  It was interesting to see if we were eating too much of one food  or too little.  I like Daily Burn better because it can show the relationship between calories taken in and burned, body weight with calories, etc. I will consider continuing to use Daily Burn because I would like to maintain my weight, but still get stronger, and I believe this can help me keep track.
This could be a great website to accomplish out Recommended Regent’s Level for NYS Learning Standard #1B.  This could help students in creating their own personal fitness plan.  Students could set a goal for an entire semester starting at the beginning and keep track of their activities daily.  Also, it would be great if the students also kept track of their caloric intake in order to see if they are possibly losing weight.  Some things they could do is break down their workouts weekly.  Maybe one week they could keep track of their cardio, then a week of weight training, and then a week of sports.  This way, when they are forming their personal fitness plan, they can set goals for each component; a mile run for cardio or a one rep max for weight training.  

An electronic tool that is seen as being useful for capturing data and reporting for the Recommended Regent’s Level for NYS Learning Standard #1A is Picasa.  Being able to take screen shots of tracking and results will be very useful.  This way, students will be able to keep a number of these pictures of their results day by day.  Students will be able to go back any certain time and see how far their results have come.  Because there is a large number of activities to partake in, students will be able to use this in order to reach proficiency in 6 activities, be competent in 3, across 3 different categories.  The results will be able to show how they record to strengths and weaknesses in those categories.  

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