Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beginning to an End

It has been quite a while since my last blog.  In fact, it has not been since last Fall Semester that I made a post.  A new and final semester has just begun, but this time I will be posting my blogs from EDU 470.  It seems as though we will be getting into the depths of what is really like being a teacher in a real school system.  Now that reality is beginning to set in about becoming part of a school system as a teacher, we need to understand what is going on with them.  Should we be part of a union?  How safe will my position be?  How will my retirement look in my contract?  These are all things that are important in becoming an educator.

For our first class we wrote down a few things we feel should be necessary for an educational aspect:

"I hope that Physical Education will become a more respected field in the near future."

"I believe children need Physical Educators in their lives in order to influence them to live a healthy lifestyle."

"I will use my knowledge of Physical Education in order to implement a curriculum into schools."

As teacher candidates, just think to yourself about how you feel.

As we progress throughout the final chapter, start thinking about how you will be as a professional.  Set yourself apart; be unique.  There is not much time left until we are all out there looking for the same position.  This is the beginning to the end of our time training to become professional educators.  Enjoy the ride.

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