Wednesday, September 21, 2011

CrossFit in Physical Education?

For those of you who have not tuned in to the Reebok CrossFit Games on ESPN 2, you are truly missing out on something incredible.  The athletes they show train all year round to compete, and prove that they are the fittest people in the world.  They do not only train for these events, but they train for events they do not know they are participating in until minutes before it begins.  They are here to expect anything.  These events are nothing like the Strong Man Competition where they just measure pure muscular strength, but some of the events include: pull-ups, sit ups, monkey bars, cycling, running, swimming and even walking distance on their own hands.

So, what if we were to include CrossFit into Physical Education class?  Can we get kids to start at a younger age in preparing for this type of fitness?  Of course, we would have to decide at what age could this program be used appropriately.  To begin, Physical Education teachers need to be more concerned with proper form rather than results.  As kids begin to progress, then we can keep track of results in order for them to set goals and eventually develop a fitness program for themselves.  However, because these are just children, we need to make it fun for the kids.  Use the workouts and develop games for the kids that they can enjoy while working out.  Hard work can be disguised with fun and games.  So the question is, can we mold children into becoming some of the fittest people in the world?  It is up to us.

Here is a great promotional video for CrossFit Kids

I am also sharing a website that shows workouts, demos, nutrition and access to lesson plans for CFK.  I feel with the publicity and promotion, this could become the future of fitness.

Forging the Future of Fitness

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