Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fit Body, Fit Planet

Nowadays, we see advertisements, signs and even bumper stickers saying, "Green." I fitness center in my local area has recently opened.  It is not your typical gym or fitness center.  This is one that can make an impact on the planet as well as paying the electricity bill.  

"Core is the first fitness facility in upstate New York to utilize technology created by The Green Revolution that captures energy from cycling classes and converts it to electricity that helps power the studio.When members pedal any one of the 26 exercise bicycles in the studio, the "human electricity" generated by their workouts is sent to the building's electrical grid to power everything from the lights to the air conditioning."

Core is not only offering an opportunity for people to help themselves, but their planet and community as well.  I feel as though this is a way for people to find a reason to exercise.  If they see this as a way of doing good for their planet and their community, they may find it necessary to contribute in a non-costly way.  The fitness center uses the human energy to run power.  This could be a costly way to exercise in schools; however, students can learn other ways to exercise and benefit their community at the same time.  For instance biking to class, walking to work, walking to the local track instead of driving (use it as a warm-up).  This could be a great way for people in the community to exercise and contribute together.  

Read more: http://poststar.com/news/local/new-glens-falls-gym-generates-buzz-with-green-technology/article_f2fecc98-e171-11e0-b88e-001cc4c002e0.html#ixzz1ZDdvU6tn

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