Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Out With The Old, In With The New...Fitness Tests

Have any of you ever asked your parents about their "Gym" teacher when they were in High School?  Maybe you have seen the TV shows with the kids in Physical Education who are extremely intimidated by their teacher because they are the ones that are humiliated by all the other students.  Whether the show is real or not, kids have experienced these certain situations.  Today in Physical Education, we are trying to get away from the typical fitness tests that may have potential to embarrass a select group of students.  Physical Education is supposed to be taught and utilized to promote future healthy activities that will last a lifetime.  We cannot have students take these tests at the beginning of the school year, become embarrassed and not want to participate for the rest of the year.  We want them to enjoy it so they want to continue a healthy lifestyle.  It is not just up to the Physical Education teacher to promote this healthy lifestyle, but parents need to start playing a role as well.  Parents need to become an influence in their child's lives by participating in activities with them, getting them to eat healthier at home and utilizing the resources in their community to stay active outside of school (NYS LS 3).  Teachers and schools need to come up with other tests to limit students feeling uncomfortable.  Maybe running the mile is not the best idea because there may be the one or two students everyone is waiting for.


In my most recent Exercise Physiology lab, we were asked the question as to whether or no we felt these tests really tested a person's true physical fitness.  I feel as though it does not.  However, I do feel it can give an idea of where you may stand physically, but as far as TRUE fitness goes, I do not think these few tests can measure that.  They can give measurements based on results and can give the idea as to where you can improve.

So, lets make it fair for the kids.  We want everyone to be healthy and safe while enjoying their physical activities.


Take a look at this article for further insight and possible physical fitness test ideas:,0,6330618.story

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