Monday, September 19, 2011

Teaching Adaptive Physical Education

Last Friday, I had my first opportunity of teaching two students for my Adaptive Physical Education Lab (EDU 356).  The two students I was assigned came from BOCES, and both have ADHD.  I honestly had no idea what to expect going into Friday's lesson.  The previous Friday was when we were given our placement students, and the Monday right after, our lesson plans were due.  Without having met my students, it was difficult to come up with activities for them.  I was unclear as to what they were going to enjoy, and what they might get bored doing.  I came up with a variety of activities and sports that I thought they might like, but I was mistaken.  Having looked at their file that were put together by past PE Teacher Candidates, I thought I may have had a solid lesson plan.  Right off the bat, the kids refused to participate in anything I had planned: locomotor skills, basketball skills, soccer skills, throwing and catching.  The only thing that they wanted to do was throw balls at bowling pins in order to knock them down.  This lab has helped me realize even more that as a teacher, I must be prepared for any type of situation.  For all I know, these students may be interested in playing the games and activities I had planned before, next week.  I do know now that these students are interested in throwing at targets, so I have planned a lesson using different types of targets for them to throw at: pins, hoops, cones etc.  I will post on this weeks outcome. Until then...stay tuned.

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