Tuesday, October 25, 2011

School Adds Technology for Physical Education

A middle school that has just opened up in January has introduced technology to its Physical Education class.  The school has purchased 150 iPads for the use in Physical Education. Now that technology is becoming a huge part of today's society, bringing that technology into the classroom is becoming vital.  Allowing students to handle the iPads can help them focus for tasks throughout the lesson.  Students will partner up with one another, each pair controlling an iPad.  One student will perform tasks while the other student films them with the iPad and then switch roles.  When they finish, the students then assess themselves on whether or not they performed the tasks correctly based on their given cues.  This could be a great way for peer assessments.  With an application that was set up by the school, students are also able to check off what they may have missed, and the tasks are based off of a point system.  It would also be an easier way for the teacher to assess their students by being able to watch the videos and use the point system or rubric for each task.  The teacher could also take notes on what the student needs to work on to give more efficient feedback.  Allowing students to watch themselves afterward helps them understand what they may need to work on through personal observation.

The only downside to having these would be the cost of all the iPads.  Depending on school's budgets, it could be financially difficult to purchase these.  However, it would be a great way to transition to new styles of Physical Education, and a great opportunity for both instructors and students. 

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