Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stop Bullying!

One thing that seems to be a major concern in our schools today is bullying.  There are many children, boys and girls, who are being bullied every single day.  In fact, "one-third to a half of America's children report being bullied at least once and 10 percent feel continually targeted."  There is not just physical bullying in schools, but there is also something known as cyber bullying as well.  Boys and girls can both be harassed through the internet and cell phones.  Physical and verbal abuse can do harm to children at all ages.  This can lead to low self-esteem and even youth suicides.

Bullying seems to almost be accepted in schools today.  Teachers do not realize the large number of students that are actually being bullied.  They feel that students are just "tattling, it's a natural behavior."  Well, teachers need to become knowledgable with this information.  Teachers need to take charge and not only put a stop to bullying, but to prevent it from happening in the first place.  If a child comes to you as a teacher, you need to take action in helping this student.  During my EDU 256 Field Experience last Winter, there was an incident in the high school locker room, one student placed saw dust from a previous class into a fellow students locker.  My host teacher took action in contacting the Vice
Principal, the Wood Tech teacher and Principal.  Teachers need to make sure their students understand that bullying will not be tolerated and consequences will be paid.

Source: Teachers, Schools, and Society

I recently saw a commercial for a website informing about bullying in schools.  It provides a great deal of information on bullying for kids, teens, parents and educators.

Stop Bullying

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