Monday, October 10, 2011

SUNY Cortland Phys. Ed Mini Conference

For yet another year, SUNY Cortland hosted the annual Phys. Ed Mini Conference.  This just adds to the reason that SUNY Cortland is so reputable for its Physical Education Department.  It is a great opportunity as well as an amazing resource for SUNY Cortland Physical Education students.
One workshop I most definitely was the ExerGame Station.  I was introduced to this last year with my Professor Dr. Stephen Yang.  With technology continuously on the rise in today's society, video games have become a big part of all households with children.  We do not see much of this equipment in local school's physical education program, but it is something to should be.  Not only do kids get to play games, but they are exercising in order to take controls.  What if you had to playing a car racing game, but the only way to accelerate with the car, you had to pedal a stationary bike? Well that is how you play the game.  Using the technology with the video games, this could help children focus on them while getting a workout.  While playing these games, most children will not even have their mind on the fact that they are actually exercising.  Public schools would benefit from this program greatly.  It would also allow the school to make its transition away from the "old school gym class."  This is what exercising is becoming; getting out with the old and in with the new.  I hope a lot of students, teacher candidates and teachers from all over the state were able to attend this workshop.  It is something they should certainly be introduced to.  Maybe they could make the difference for their school.

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