Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why Physical Education?

At the beginning of the semester, many of the students had talked and blogged about why they chose to go into the field of Physical Education.  I never really talked about it that much, nor thought about it too much.  Everyone says that they go into education because they love working with kids, but then we come across the teachers in Grade School that seem to be completely miserable when coming into work.  Maybe they just did it for the weekends and Summers off.  The way I see it, is teachers have the opportunity to change the way children see the world.  They have a chance to mold their minds and make a great impact in children's lives.  For teachers, being in the field of Education should be rewarding to them.

Earlier this week, teachers in Bennington, Vermont went on strike and schools were closed during the negotiations with board members.  "The issues separating the two sides include salaries, health insurance and time spent with students."  It completely blows my mind that teachers would do this for more money.  They should know by now that there are not large salaries in teaching.  There are plenty of people out there that would do anything to find a teaching job nowadays, and these teachers are taking away from the kids' education when the schools are forced to be closed.


For the past six years, I have worked with kids every Summer for my town's recreation department.  It is something that I wish to never give up.  Every time the Summer comes to an end, I feel there was more I could have done for the kids, and I try to think of things I could do for them next Summer.  I want kids to remember me as being a positive influence in their lives as I have done for people that have influenced me since childhood.  

This is a picture of a note that a couple girls had written for me at the end of the Summer.  This is something that makes me feel like I did something for them that they appreciated.  It is very rewarding to me to receive something like this from kids, and this is the reason that I want to be a teacher.

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