Monday, November 28, 2011

Teaching Philosophies

Philosophy of Education

The purpose of schools is to provide a safe and healthy environment for students of all ages and abilities.  Schools also allow students the opportunity to socially interact with their teachers and peers.  My philosophy of education is that all children are teachable.  It does not matter what their ability level is.  As a teacher, I need to enrich or modify my instruction to suit all children’s needs.  A student’s societal status or background should not influence whether or not they can learn.  It is up to the teacher to give that student confidence in all aspects.
         I also believe that in order to be a successful teacher, you need to be flexible.  You cannot go into your classroom everyday expecting your day to go as planned.  A teacher who always has a back-up plan will be the teacher who feels that their day has been an accomplishment.  A teacher should expect the unexpected and be prepared for it each day.  Being a teacher not only means being professional, but also being ethical.  I plan to provide students with the necessary security and safety.  As a teacher, all of my students will be respected as equals.  I hope to be one of these teachers.
         It is my job to encourage active parental involvement in children’s education.  It is important that parents are informed about what their children are learning and how they are progressing.  There should be more communication among parents, teachers, students and the community. 
         We also need to prepare our students for the future by setting learning goals and standards according to each individual ability and by instilling pride in each child we teach.

Philosophy of Physical Education

         Physical Education is a class in our schools that seems to be losing its reputation.  People are unaware of the opportunity it provides for children today.  Most are still hung up on the old school style of  “Gym class” and do not fully understand its true value.  Physical Education is about challenging students’ mind as well as body.  Physical Education also provides students the opportunity to interact with their peers both socially and physically.  With instilling the Affective Domain, students learn teamwork, communication, discipline and respect for others.  Physical Education is the only class that instills all of these aspects.  The purpose of Physical Education is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.  As a professional Physical Educator, I will be sure to be a positive influence in student’s life and enhance lifelong skills to them all.  To me, being “physically educated” means learning movements and motor skills and being able to apply those skills and knowledge to lifelong activities. 
I will use both teacher-centered and learner-centered instructional approaches.  Using the teacher-centered approach, I will present information that is to be learned to direct the learning process of students.  As a teacher, I will identify lesson objectives and take the primary responsibility for guiding the instruction by explaining information and modeling.  This will give my students the opportunity for quality practice time of skills.  I will also use a learner-centered approach to allow students to construct their own understandings through guided discovery. 
As a Physical Education teacher, my biggest concern for my students is that they are all participating in my class.  Physical Education seems to be gaining a bad reputation because most people do not take it seriously.  I will do everything I can as a teacher to change that.  I will have my entire class participating daily, and making a name for my program.  I will use latest innovations and technology in my curriculum to get rid of the old style, and come in with the new.  I will prove to teachers, administrators, parents and the rest of the community how important Physical Education is in the their children’s lives.

Philosophy of Coaching

One of the most influential people in a student’s life does not always have to be a parent or a teacher.  Sometimes, that one person that can change someone’s life is a coach.  To be a coach, means more than just guiding a team through practices and games.  Being a coach means to be a role model and a leader. 
The purpose of athletics is to provide students with the opportunity to participate is sports outside of the classroom.  Although sports include competition, a coach’s top priority for his team should not be just winning.  Coaches teach their players lifelong lessons such as respect, leadership and teamwork. 
         Like a teacher, I will provide my players with a safe and healthy playing environment.  Because most coaches are teachers in the school, they should be involved with their schoolwork.  I will make it clear to my players that they are students first, and athletes second. 
         I also believe that it is important for all student-athletes to participate in sport.  As a physical educator, I feel it is important for all student-athletes to have the opportunity to participate in their given sport. 
         A coach prepares their student-athletes for the future by helping them develop character.  I feel that character is developed through cooperation and discipline.  Athletics play a large role in a person’s life, and a coach can have the biggest influence.  To be a good coach, means to be a good teacher, and I will instill the ideal characteristics of both for my students and players.

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