Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why Teachers Need Their Unions

Here is an article giving information and examples of why teachers need unions:

Why Teachers Need Their Unions

If ever there was a reason why teachers need their unions it became clear watching CBS Sunday Morning earlier today. A teacher was forced to resign when an anonymous letter was received pointing to the teacher’s Facebook page where she was shown holding a beer and a glass of wine while on a trip to Europe (on her own time and without students). She also had participated in a Facebook game with the word Bitch in it. 
According to the young teacher, she had set her Facebook privacy settings to limit access to her closest friends. She felt she had done what she needed in order to limit access to her page.
The CBS story was actually about privacy. A picture from a private page can be copied by someone with access and posted on a Facebook page that lacks that privacy setting, thus making the picture public.
Back to the story of the young teacher. She was called into the principal’s office, asked whether she had a Facebook page, and when she said that she did, given the choice of resignation or suspension. 
Teachers, this is why we have unions and tenure laws. Notwithstanding the fact that the principal is the type of administrator education does not need, this young teacher should have stopped the proceeding, asked for union representation and a hearing, not resigned, and fought the entire process. If she had tenure, her due process rights would have been guaranteed.
To force the resignation a teacher for a picture of her HOLDING, not even consuming, alcohol and for playing an online game with the word Bitch just drives me crazy. Do people really think they can enforce 19th century rules on teachers in the 21st century? This young teacher now has a lawsuit against the school district, and I for one, hope she wins a bundle.

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